NFT NATO CLUB is a membership NFT that grants you access to future NFT Nato sets, private community chat and announcements, exclusive NFT videos, early access to partner NFT projects and much more.



The Nato NFT CLUB is a full time project for us and we already have years of utility planned to continuously deliver more value to Nato NFT holders. Every quarter we will be launching new short-term roadmaps. While we have a lot planned on our roadmap, we also plan to drop bonus announcements randomly to deliver more value to our long-term holders.

  1. Marketing begins
  2. Whitelist access for OG members
  3. 100 Passes Reserved for Team/ Platinum OG Members/ Giveaways
Public Mint
  1. Mint Prices set for .15ETH for Platinum Membership and .45ETH for Centurion
  2. Total of 2500 passes available ever. 500 Centurion and 2000 Platinum passes
Sold Out
  1. Giveaways to the community
  2. Whitelist access for future projects
  3. Access to Alpha Channels on Discord
Future Plans
  1. Development of NFT Tools exclusive to members
  2. Adding more features and channels
  3. NFT Guides and Tutorials
  4. Alpha Meetups


How much does Minting cost?
The cost of the NFT Nato Club mint will be .15 for Platinum Membership and .45 for Centurion Membership.
How do I get access to the NFT Alpha Discord Channels?
Only members holding a Platinum or Centurion NFT will have access to the Alpha Discord and channels.
How can I buy a Nato NFT?
Current Members that have OG status will be able to mint prior to public sale. Whitelist mint will be on Dec. 30th. Public sale will be on Dec. 31st. After mint is over, you will be able to purchase on Opensea.
How can I get on the Whitelist?
You will have to join the Alpha Discord channel and apply for OG status
What benefits does the Platinum Membership get?
You will get calls on NFTs from Nato and the research team. You will also have access to current and future tools that will help you on your NFT journey. Our goal is to make you as much money as possible in the NFT space and help you become financially free
What benefits does the Centurion Membership get?
Voting rights to NFT purchases which will be given away only to Centurion Members. Access to Nato, Sammy, and the research team where we answer questions in the Centurion lounge. Future Meetup invitations




NFT Nato CLUB was formed by Nato of NFT Nato with the goal to create a NFT set that will continuously deliver value to holders. New team members are being added regularly to continue the growth and utility of the project.


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